Advance Physiotherapy


Most people at some point in their lifetime will work with physiotherapists, who help them manage pain, balance, and mobility. There could be many reasons to consult a physiotherapist. Whether you have met with an accident, have back pain, or facing problems after surgery, let Dr. Anil Kumar help you get your functional ability and movement restored.

Dr. Anil Kumar is an advanced physiotherapist, who provides you with advanced physiotherapy. His advanced physiotherapy is more than screening patients both pre- and post-operation, prescribing conservative management, and monitoring the patients during the process. He works with patients to develop customized programs designed to restore their functional ability. Whether an infant or old age person, he is trained to help patients of all ages.

While consulting and treating the patient, Dr. Anil Kumar educates the patient on treatment options and how they can manage their symptoms. They will learn what treatment is best for them and how long it will take. He uses advanced physiotherapy to improve patients’ health after an accident or surgery.

People who are suffering from pain because of an injury, illness, or accident, consult a physiotherapist for the unique treatment. Well, the health benefits of advanced physiotherapy are not limited to restoring functional abilities but it also promotes good health and fitness. Not only will you overcome the pain, but also expand your physical strength.

The best part of advanced physiotherapy is that it is suitable for all age groups. But, you need to understand that physiotherapy is not only about exercise. At My Ability Physiotherapy Clinic, you will get advanced physiotherapy that has the following advantages: –

  • No more pain
  • No surgery
  • Improvement in mobility
  • Recovering from a stroke
  • Recovering from a sports injury

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Book an appointment with one of the best physiotherapists in Delhi, to get advanced physical therapy. Having several years of experience in the field, Dr. Anil provides the best-advanced physiotherapy to patients by assessing their physical capabilities and limitations.